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Sarsılmaz At A Glance

Sarsılmaz since 1880 to present
SARSILMAZ, which started its arms adventure in 1880, is the only private company in Türkiye that can produce pistols, military weapons and sports weapons.
Sarsılmaz was established by Abdüllatif Bey in Elazığ. The company began its work with the production and repair of flintlock rifles.
Abdüllatif Bey passed away. From this date, Sarsılmaz continued its activities under the direction of Abdüllatif Bey's son Mustafa Aliş.

A second generation took place in Sarsılmaz. Mustafa Aliş, who passed away, was replaced by his son Sarsılmaz Alis.

The headquarters of the company under the management of Sarsılmaz Alis moved to Istanbul.

Sarsılmaz started its work in Istanbul by trading products from manufacturers around Düzce and abroad.
Sarsılmaz established its first production facility and became one of the manufacturers in the arms sector.
Sarsılmaz made a new breakthrough and decided to manufacture pistols as well as sports weapons.
As Sarsılmaz experienced a third-generation change, Latif Aral Alis took over as chairman of the board of directors.
Another decision that will be decisive for the future has been taken and work has begun to establish an R&D center.

Sarsılmaz started its production by commissioning its facility in Düzce, which is Europe's largest integrated weapon factory, and started its production here.

Sarsılmaz has succeeded in becoming the first R&D center in its field, certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

SAR 9, which is the leader of the "original domestic pistol Development Project" in Türkiye, was entitled the Editors Choice and Readers Choice awards in the United States and selected as the "best pistol of 2020".
Pioneering Brand of Türkiye

Sarsılmaz has become a pioneering and innovative brand of Türkiye in the arms industry, with many initiatory and countless achievements in its nearly 150-year history.

The first step taken in Elazığ in 1880 was the beginning of the journey that takes to Istanbul in 1956. Combined with an innovative approach, this long-term journey created the brand with the largest integrated weapons manufacturing facilities in Europe.

Today, Sarsılmaz is one of the world's few manufacturers with a wide range of products ranging from sports weapons to pistols and military weapons.

Behind this success lies an understanding that combines quality with innovative production processes, customer satisfaction with corporate organizational structure, innovative design and production processes and R&D activities of the future.

Sarsılmaz is a brand that exports to almost 80 countries today, its products are used by civilian users, law enforcement organizations and the army of many countries of the world, especially Türkiye.

Ever since the day it was founded, Sarsılmaz has always been a pioneer in its field and continues this mission by developing its production processes in accordance with the requirements of the epoch and harmonizing them with "Industry 4.0".

Exporting to more than 80 countries
Global sales network
sar 9
More than 300 different products
Product range responding to every need


We are shaping the future of defense industry through technologies changing rules.

As one of the pioneering and leading manufacturers of international defense industry, carrying further ahead our present status through innovative products creating a difference in the defense sector and changing rules. Introducing our stakeholders technological products of the future, becoming a global brand emerging and rising up from the foundations of defense industry.
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Years of Experience
Developing constantly, based on experience

Our Values

Sarsılmaz’s uncommon experience in its field is shaped not only with time passing. A past experience in excess of one hundred years attained “value” by means of such dreams constituting building stones of our DNA, belief, effort, search of the better and power of its employees , each an indispensable member of Sarsılmaz Family and became a guide in our itinerary towards constructing the future.

Our focus served to that end by all of our other values comprises of customer satisfaction. We are well-aware of the fact that we owe our existence for so many years to our customers and their confidence in us. Confidence of our customers in our quality for many years is also an indication to the effect that we are doing our work properly. We are doing our best to satisfy our customers not only through or product quality but also by means of such service-oriented service provided after sale, regardless of place and time. As a result, as long as they are satisfied, we are gaining more and more strength.

Secret of our innovative formation structure is hidden in our tradition. Remaining in existence for more than a hundred years is possible only through responding to “novelties by innovations”. In short, “innovativeness” is foremost amongst the values maintaining our existence. At present, such products of international standards we have developed through or R&D activities, technological investments we have realized, as well our operations followed-up in the international arena are just a minor segment of our “innovative” concept.

Besides and further to being an indispensable asset for us, Reliability is also an essential liability. We are bearing the responsibility we are burdened with throughout one and a half centuries past since our establishment, including making known worldwide Türkiye’s name, as a leading arms industry brand. All of these liabilities deem necessary an unconditioned reliability.

The most important source nurturing our competence is the desire of performing the best at all times. While the venture of attaining better makes development inevitable, it also carries our competences even further ahead. It is as well our competence ensuring our dominance in our business operations, our courage in stepping ahead to the project of the future and our pioneering character, as one of our basic assets.

We are developing sustainable processes ranging in every field from our products to the manufacturing processes, from our organization structure to our R&D activities, from customer and employee satisfaction to our social responsibilities. As a matter of fact, at Sarsılmaz assuming the role of most powerful specimen of sustainabilityas a result of its past history, we are discovering new sustainable methods.