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Human Resources


As Sarsilmaz Human Resources team, we interiorize the goal of being a company where mutual trust and respect prevails and diversity is valued, with the strength we get from our employees. We can define our human resources policy as ensuring the continuous development, motivation and commitment of our human resources that make a difference.

Our human resources vision:

To be the first choice of suitable labour force that will help our country to develop in the field of defense industry in line with our company's mission and vision.

Our human resources mission:

With reference to the awareness that it is the “Human" who makes the difference in the competitive environment; to increase the motivation level of employees, to increase the competitiveness of the country's defense industry and our company by constantly improving the commitment to the company and cooperation between employees.

Our human resources policy:

In the light of our vision, mission, strategies, goals, business processes and common values, our human resources policy is;

  • To bring the human power with the qualifications required by position and the competencies of Sarsilmaz Silah Sanayi A.Ş,
  • To provide a strong communication and motivational environment,
  • To support our employees with human resources systems and applications,
  • To direct our employees towards continuous success by improving them with corporate opportunities and benefits
  • To reward the success,
  • To ensure the development and continuity of our employees,
  • To ensure that everyone works in team solidarity by raising the motivations of the employees of Sarsılmaz Silah Sanayi AŞ to the highest  possible level by ensuring unity of targets,
  • To provide accurate feedback to all our employees with the performance system we apply and to manage fair wages with the results we get from this; to direct our employees to have the training required for their personal development,
  • We build and constantly improve our policy on the most appropriate career planning for each individual.

The role of knowledgeable human resources who are technologically experienced and who have worked in Sarsılmaz for many years in the achievements of Sarsılmaz in the field of defense in our country and in the international arena in recent years is indisputable. The efforts of our employees, who are also powerful players around the world, to make Sarsılmaz the most important company that develops weapons technology in Turkey, is extremely valuable to us. In order for our employees to maintain their command of advanced technology in the sector and their competitive power, we as Sarsilmaz, implement different training and development processes.

During one to one interviews at the beginning of the year for individual training and development planning of our employees, our managers evaluate the past year and plan the next year's training. In these interviews, the opinions of the employees are received by mutual sharing on the strengths and aspects of the employee that are open to improvement.

After this stage, training programs are completed with internally and externally supported trainings through SARSILMAZ ACADEMY.


Personnel transactions and personnel affairs of all our employees are carried out in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey and legislation arising from international agreements. Transactions related to our blue collar and white collar employees are carried out by the provisions of the employment contract.


We have a database created to recruit candidates who are compatible with the work culture of Sarsilmaz, which has achieved success nationally and internationally, especially in the USA and who will carry the achievements to higher levels.

We actively use and social media tools. We include candidates deemed appropriate within the scope of open position requirements in the evaluation process. After Personality inventory, English exam, competency-based interview, we end our recruitment evaluation process with job offers to our eligible candidates.

In order for our colleague who joins the Sarsilmaz family to adapt to her/his work and company culture in the fastest way, we assign an employee who is on the same team as a “white shadow”. The "White Shadow” also allows the employee to establish the first connection with other employees and quickly adapt to the company and factory environment within the framework of orientation trainings prepared for the employee.


With our performance and Career Management Systems, we aim to manage the talents of our employees in accordance with the Sarsilmaz's strategic goals and thus to best evaluate the potential of our employees.

For this purpose, a career pool has been created for our potential employees who may be promoted to the next level in the future. We also have efforts to use different talent management tools for Sarsilmaz's managers.

Management by objectives

For each employee at Sarsilmaz, “targets' breakdown” is performed from the chairman of the board of directors to the employee at the lowest level within the framework of our company mission.

The performance success of our employees throughout the year is measured at the rate of achieving the set targets.


Leader development program

The leader development program is a program consisting of trainings aimed at developing the leadership skills of Sarsilmaz's managers. Thanks to this program, both the existing leadership competencies of our managers are developed and managers are prepared for top positions.

In addition to this program, we receive “Executive Coaching” for the individual development needs of our managers. 


Talent development program

We organize training programs to support our employees who come to the forefront with superior performance, technical skills, English level, education level and commitment to their competencies and aspects that need to be developed for top positions. This program is of great importance for employees to succeed in positions that may occur in the future and to carry Sarsilmaz further.

For this purpose, we include our employees in the development program with classroom trainings, project studies, and external supported trainings within the scope of SARSILMAZ ACADEMY.

In-House announcement system

We aim to make career opportunities visible to all personnel with internal announcement system within Sarsilmaz; so that the employee can follow the opportunities for her/his career.

In order to enrich the employee in a professional sense and support her/his development, we share all open positions in Sarsilmaz with employees in our intranet page, in the human resources call and announcement section.
At the end of the relevant recruitment process, employees applying for the position can move to the new position if they are eligible.


Considering that their social lives should be enriched in order for our employees to be successful in business life, we aim to increase the motivation and loyalty of our employees.

We organize picnic organizations, factory family visits and lunch organizations, dinner organizations, Bosphorus boat tour organizations, New Year celebrations, year-end award ceremonies (Gold distribution to those who have completed 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years within Sarsılmaz), lottery and various gifts, holiday or Umrah organizations in Sarsilmaz.

In addition, we organize Birthday Celebrations, Sports tournaments (football, backgammon, table tennis, billiards tournament) and various events within the working areas with the participation of the whole family


The "Recommendation and Reward Management Systems" carried out in Sarsilmaz are applied with the aim of ensuring continuous improvement in company business processes, efficiency and product/service quality, appreciate employees for their success, behaviour and efforts, increase employee engagement, motivation and loyalty in a way that supports the company goals and strategies. At the end of the year, gold is distributed to employees as a gift at the rate of contribution to the reward and recommendation system in the organization with the participation of employees.


Sarsilmaz uses job evaluation system which is widely used in the world. The most important element in determining the wages of our employees at the recruitment and task change stages is the job valuation system. In this system, the salary of the position is determined according to the job description of each employee and the added value of this job description to the organization. In addition, the employee's salary is determined in January of each year according to the level of work, taking into account the salary research, individual performance, wage market, inflation rate, minimum wage growth rate, the company's current wage structure.

Employees can also benefit from the following fringe benefits according to their positions:

  • Outstanding success and year-end bonus
  • Holiday bonus - shoe voucher
  • Foreign language allowance
  • Education supplementary payment for Master's and doctoral graduates
  • Company vehicle
  • Company mobile phone and line

In its work to ensure competitive superiority in the field of defense industry and to achieve its strategic goals, Sarsilmaz considers its employees as its most important value and resource; it works in accordance with the “Sarsilmaz OHS Policy and Procedure” as a basic principle.

To create an unshakable, healthy and reliable business environment, it undertakes;

  • To follow the developments related to occupational health and safety, to comply with world standards as well as the provisions of the existing legal legislation, to fulfil the obligations arising from the contracts,
  • To identify and analyse occupational health and safety risks, to take measures, to develop opportunities and preventive approaches in connection with its activities, purpose, size, context and risks to prevent injuries and occupational diseases and to eliminate hazards,
  • To conduct training and information activities necessary for employees and everyone who is on the factory site for work, internship or visit purposes to be aware of their individual or corporate responsibilities,
  • To provide an appropriate environment for the consultation and participation of employees and employee representatives in the OHS board and doing the necessary work to create the OHS culture,
  • To maintain its activities in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System; creating goals and management programs by using the latest technologies to continuously improve the Occupational Health and Safety System and performance, and monitoring the results.



High School Internship (Vocational Secondary Education): As part of the compulsory internship, it is a high school internship program that lasts for 8 months during the school semester in order for students studying in vocational high schools to put their technical and professional knowledge into practice. The internship period is held during the spring and fall education periods.

This internship is organized between the school and Sarsilmaz, individual requests are ignored.


Short Term Internship (University and Vocational School): As part of the compulsory internship, it is the summer semester which is a university internship program in order for students studying in undergraduate departments of universities to make their technical and professional knowledge into practice. Optional internship is not accepted.

1. Term

14.06.2021-09.07.2021-20 work day

14.06.2021-27.07.2021-25 work day

14.06.2021-03.08.2021-30 work day

2. Term

26.07.2021-20.08.2021-20 work day

26.07.2021-27.08.2021-25 work day

26.07.2021-06.09.2021-30 work day

3. Term

16.08.2021-13.09.2021-20 work day

16.08.2021-20.09.2021-25 work day

16.08.2021-27.09.2021-30 work day

İ Intern Engineer Internships (Termly): As part of the compulsory internship, it is a university internship program that lasts throughout the educational period, so that students studying in undergraduate departments of universities can put their technical and professional knowledge into practice. Optional internships are not accepted in this program also.

During the application, you should upload the following documents to the system. Otherwise, your application will not be evaluated. (Copy of ID card and passport photo, .JPG and .PNG, all other documents can be uploaded in PDF format.)


Necessary documents

  • A certified transcript. (Applications with an unofficial transcript will be considered invalid.)
  • An approved letter from the school stating that the internship is compulsory. Applications made with non-approved documents will be considered invalid
  • A copy of ID card
  • One passport photo
  • LYS result certificate (document indicating university entry ranking)
  • Certificate of placement of Higher Education (document indicating which university s/he has enlisted in)

Announcement date for internship application results

Application results will be sent to candidates by email in May.

For your internship applications, please send your resume to the address