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With production, sale network and after sale support services, World brand Sarsılmaz offers much more than a weapon. Everything you want to know about models and arms waits for you in the Sarsılmaz’s World.
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Sarsılmaz dating back to 1880 is one the most rooted companies of...
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In order to be able to be holder of a pistol or...
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With the first R&D center, which is certified in the field of...
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Sarsılmaz put its signature to many principles and countless success in its history carries the responsibility of being leading brand of Turkey to the future.
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Sar 56 14.5”  and explanation
This high-tech infantry rifle also has different barrel length options. Offering three different barrel length alternatives, 7.5 ", 11 " and 14.5 ", the SAR 56 can adapt to all missions that may take place in different conditions, from close range to long range.
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Developments, news published in the press, announcements related to Sarsılmaz and the innovations you wonder about weapon industry….follow the sector closely with the news from Sarsılmaz’s World…
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