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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The warranty period for all Sarsılmaz products is 2 years. This period begins from the date of delivery of the product. The warranty covers all parts and all of the product as part of problems that may arise from the manufacturer. User-caused problems are not covered by the warranty.

You can see and examine our guns at the MKE stands. To shoot, you can go to special ranges.

Since pistol sales are made through the MKE institution, the booking of weapons is not possible.

The model and serial number of the pistol you purchased were registered into your pistol license and logged on your behalf in all records. Therefore, it cannot be changed.

Since pistol sales are carried out under state control in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, no sales are made from our factory. Sarsılmaz brand weapons are supplied from the Ankara or İstanbul sales offices of the Machine Chemical Industry (MKE) institution.

The original copy of the "Gun Purchase Authorization Certificate" that you will receive from the authorized offices to issue licenses in your settlement and identification card is required.

Gun purchase certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.

The right to purchase bullets is 1000 units per year (2000 for personnel of Turkish Armed Forces). You cannot buy later the part you bought less than this amount at the time of purchasing the pistol.

Bullet purchases are monitored through the PATBIS system, which has just been implemented by the General Directorate of Security. After obtaining your pistol license through this system, you can request your ammunition rations with a petition. In exchange for a petition that is not submitted for any approval, you are immediately given a password. With this password, you can buy your bullet from authorized MKE dealers. You don't have to take all your 1000 allocated bullets at once. You can get the remaining part by applying again by the end of the same year.

In case you lose your invoice, you can apply with a petition to the pistol sales branch of the MKE institution where you were delivered your pistol and get the pistol detection form that replaces the invoice.

Purchasing weapons by proxy is only available for soldiers, police and security guards.

Documents requested from the person who will buy pistols by proxy are as follows:

a) Certificate of purchase of weapons,

b) Notarial power of attorney or trustee (for soldiers) certificate,

c) Identity card of the pistol owner and photocopy of the institution's identity card,

d) Identity card of the representative and photocopy of the identity card of the institution.


The efficiency of your rifle has a great connection with shocks. For this reason, you must choose the appropriate shock according to the hunt. You can find these details in detail in the user's guide.

Use factory-manufactured cartridges in your rifle in accordance with international standards. Never use filling cartridges.

Next to the rifle you received is a manual for use and maintenance. Disassembly and installation of the rifle and all other details can be found in the manual.

Both to get information about our products and to get support after sales you can contact us on 0 380 548 85 61, 0 380 548 85 62 and 0 380 548 87 97. You can also communicate via our WhatsApp Line on 0 531 161 25 11, as well as our email address, or you can access all kinds of information by filling out the contact form at our internet address

The distribution of our products is carried out by all hunting dealers throughout the country through our main distributors.

You can see our products at your nearest hunting dealers.