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Quality Policy

Customer-oriented senses of quality for the future

Sarsılmaz, Türkiye's pioneering arms manufacturer, brings technologies of the future together with more than a hundred years of experience.

Sarsılmaz, with its widespread sales network all over Türkiye and in many countries of the world, offers its customers the assurance of being an international brand and sets its quality policies in this direction.

Sarsılmaz adopts a reliable and transparent process management that aims to meet all the needs and expectations of its customers.

Sarsılmaz, which designs its supply, production and sales systems to include after-sales service, acts with the awareness that customer satisfaction, which it sees as its final output, can be possible with reliable, quality, innovative products and services.

Sarsılmaz carries out its work using all the possibilities of technology in order to create high-quality and accessible products.

Sarsılmaz not only follows the latest technologies, but also brings its customers together with the products of the future with the technologies it has developed.

Acting with the awareness that the most important element of quality is human resources, Sarsılmaz cares about providing the necessary conditions for its employees to develop themselves and use their abilities at the highest level.

Sarsılmaz aims to create awareness of quality, environment and occupational safety in its employees, while also implementing these sensitivities in its production processes in an uncompromising way.