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Which Sarsılmaz Is Yours?

Which Sarsılmaz Is Yours?

While alternatives presented by the firearms industry and particularly the pistol sector is varied and diversified recently in terms of both product capacity and technical characteristics as well as materials used in the manufacturing process, users are introduced with greatly varied choices.

As Türkiye’s weapon brand preferred worldwide is obviously is continuing to provide such innovations and diversity to its users by its products in full and with a quality extending even beyond the global standards.

At present, Sarsılmaz has more than 65 pistol models. Therefore, alternatives are plentiful; there are choices conforming to all sorts of needs, any more effective than the other...

Well, Which Sarsılmaz is Suitable For You?

Features to be considered while choosing a pistol could be assessed from two different viewpoints. One of these is related to the material for production gun you desire. Yet another point of consideration is the purpose and needs for using the gun you would be picking.

Steel or Polymer?

Once material of construction of the pistol you would be possessing is at stake, you are faced with two alternatives: Pistols of steel or polymer body.

At present, conventional steel framework pistols constitute only one of the choices when it comes to material criteria. While there are also other pistols made of polymer having a very strong and sturdy structure, introduced by “material science” to almost all areas of our daily life.

It is worthwhile to state primarily as follows: Regardless of whether steel- or polymer-bodied, all Sarsılmaz pistols are produced and designed so as to give perfect results in respect of efficiency and security. Sarsılmaz is releasing all its models as a result of long-term and scientific tests. What remains is your choice by taking into consideration your personal preferences.

A Strong Grasp, A Unique Performance

Steel is a material used by the weapon industry in the production for many years, extremely strong and resistant and giving perfect results. Therefore, if you are fond of classics, pistols of steel body are just for you. Sarsılmaz steel bodied pistols provide the best possible results for both Professional, sportive as well as personal use. These pistols which are extremely reliable are also being used by Turkish army and security organization for many years. For example, Kılınç 2000 model is one of these pistols. Further, K2 45 is amongst the prominent models thanks to its high capacity possessed by very few 45 caliber pistols worldwide. Those interested with the sports of shooting very frequently prefer K12 model.

Naturally, steel-bodied pistols presented by Sarsılmaz are not limited to the foregoing, several other models could be assessed in parallel to the requirements of the user.

SR 38 including in the steel-bodied pistols of Sarsılmaz modernized version of such classical model and referred to by the general public as revolver or six-shooter is a remarkable choice for collectors.

First of all, steel-bodied pistols ensure a sturdy grasp due to their weight and thus minimizing ramping. Eventually, they exhibit extremely favorable results in actions to be termed as “master-work”.

Although these pistols are classics in respect of their material, they are perfectly modern models manufactured by the latest novelties of advanced technology.

Light-weight and Reliable Polymer Pistols

Likewise, polymer as one of the important materials introduced by material science to industry and technology constitutes one of the primary materials of Sarsılmaz models recently preferred. While Sarsılmaz’s polymer-bodied pistols nest all characteristics provided by modern technology, they at the same time bring forth concurrently means of flexible utilization.

Admiral ship of polymer-bodied pistols from Sarsılmaz is without any doubt SAR9. As the leader by far under “Türkiye’s Original Local Pistol Project”, is a model designed so as to give perfect results under most challenging circumstances. SAR9 is favorably used not only in Türkiye, but in many other countries worldwide as well. To such an extent that SAR9 X model of this series is elected in the United States as the best pistol in 2020 by two different journals, one by the votes of sector experts and journal editors, while the other by the readers. In short, SAR9 is the international pride of Türkiye and consequentially of Sarsılmaz in the field of pistols.

Sarsılmaz has several polymer-bodied series and models produced to address different fields of need and usage. Beside SAR9’s C, SPORT, X, SC, METE and SP models, B6 series models are also amongst the alternatives.

Polymer-bodied pistols provide their users in a perfect manner the advantages of light-weight and ease of carrying. Further, thanks to the accessory rail available in certain models, it is to customize your pistol in any way you desire. There is a matter to be reminded: All of the polymer-bodied pistols have steel barrels. In addition thereto, all series present different alternatives by varying barrel lengths.

In short, while specifying your Sarsılmaz, first step would be to make a choice between steel or polymer body.

Now, let us come to the second step.

Specify Your Requirements

Regardless of the modern and innovative technologies used to produce a weapon, the fact enabling one to use it in the most efficient manner is whether or not the pistol is meeting your requirements.

Well, what could be these requirements?

It is worthwhile to specify certain criteria while selecting your Sarsılmaz pistol. For instance, if the basic criteria for you comprise of reaching the target in the most convenient manner, you might emphasize of different, if secrecy different and being light-weighted different alternatives could be focused on. Or you might desire to choose a pistol solely for the sports of shooting, therefor obviously you would be encountering different criteria.

To feel secure or lightness, secrecy?

Experienced pistol users know that a pistol should give confidence by means of its optimal weight, power and performance. If the foremost criteria for you are the same, steel-bodied pistols and Professional use models like SAR9 are ideal.

Yet for some others, being light-weighted is the most important criterion. Therefore, a polymer-bodied pistol could be the most ideal choice. Polymer shall be meeting your demand in a perfect manner thanks to its light and enduring construction. If you also desire secrecy besides lightness, then it would be proper to restrict your choices somewhat. Then you might be directed to such Sarsılmaz models with short barrel length like SAR9 SC, B6C, B6C S. To this end, it is worthwhile pointing out that B6C S is frequently preferred by women users with its short barrel. Further, 97-millimeter barrel length P8 S model is also amongst the choice of those looking for both lightness and secrecy. And surely B6C LR with its weight of merely 580 grams is one of the most attractive choices in this area.

Let us finally end our article with the leading models for sports oriented pistol users. It is worthwhile indicating that Sarsılmaz’s polymer-bodied models like SAR9 SPORT, K12 SPORT and K12 SPORT X are amongst the best choices in this field both in Türkiye as well as worldwide. Surely wishes, preferences and expectations of everyone are different. There would indeed be users with wishes much different from those referred to hereinbefore. It is best to seek advice from Sarsılmaz in choosing your pistol.

Please keep in mind that you might have widely varying requirements and requests, yet any one of SARSILMAZ pistol models would definitely be meeting your criteria.