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R&D and P&D

R&D and P&D
Technology of the future…

Sarsılmaz R&D Center, which has succeeded in being the only R&D center in the light arms sector of Türkiye certified by the Ministry of Industry and Technology implements successful projects as a result of the studies carried out by the engineers within the company and cooperation with the leading universities of Türkiye.

Several processes ranging from market research to concept development, from project management to computer supported design, from simulation and design verification to prototype production and testing activities are carried out by the experienced and dynamic team of the Sarsılmaz R&D Center.

Sarsılmaz, not content with today's technologies, by investing in the future, continues to work at full speed to implement Industry 4.0, which brings together information technologies and the industry, and establish the production concept of the future from present time

Sarsılmaz develops innovative products on the one hand with its continuous R&D activities, and on the other hand adapts its existing products to technological developments with its work carried out within the scope of its P&D activities.

Under Sarsılmaz's constantly renewed product range lies the work of the R&D center, which follows scientific developments closely and successfully adapts them to the industry.

In Türkiye’s arms sector
Only R&D center certified by the Ministry of Industry and Technology
“Industry 4.0”
Future sense of production