Museums provide a unique interactive experience of getting up close to things we only see in books or heard from someone. Artefacts exhibited tell lots of stories about past lives and cultures. Goods which are personally shaped according to intended use are gates to the unwitnessed past times. They not only reveal the period that they belong to; but also enable understanding and interpretation of living conditions. They engage with all other forms of public history.

In accordance with these inspiring ideas, SARSILMAZ, being one of the most long standing companies of defense industry, esteemed in a duty of the foundation of a Weapon and War Arts Museum. Sarsılmaz Weapon and War Arts Museum was thereby founded and has been public open to visit since May 2010.

The Museum chronologically exhibits firearms and non-firearms ranging from flintlock and pistols in Ottoman era, to those used in World War I, and up to present. Thus, it aims to shed light on our civilization and World’s history as well. Firearms and other accessoirs that reflects ancient tecnics of defense and war arts are delicately protected and maintained.

Examining and evaluating various collections in terms of history, science and education, the museum not only present the past to an audience today, but look forward to the way they will transform in the future.



  Testing rifles K2 45