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Technical Specifications
Caliber 9 x19 mm
Trigger System Single Action
Capacity 15
Barrel Length 103 mm (4.0")
Total Length 183 mm (7.2")
Total Height 130 mm (5.1")
Total Width 37 mm (1.4")
Weight 760 gr (26.8 oz)
SAR9 C InoxPolymer Framed Pistols
SAR9 C Inox

The SAR9 C is the compact version of the legendary SAR9. This compact version is slightly smaller but still delivers a whopping 15 RD capacity. The barrel is shortened to 85 mm. Designed for minimum recoil and a quick shot, SAR9 C stands out with its design suitable for concealed carrying. Designed for quick draw, this 9mm parabellum pistol is also preferred by law enforcement

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