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Technical Specifications
Caliber 9x19 mm
Trigger System Single Action
Capacity 17 / 19
Barrel Length 133 mm. (5.2")
Total Length 211 mm. (8.3")
Total Height 152 mm. (5.9")
Total Width 37 mm. (1.4")
Weight 850 gr. (29.9 oz)
Sar 9 SPORT StainlessPolymer Framed Pistols
Sar 9 SPORT Stainless

SAR 9 SPORT creates a difference with its energic looks and practical using experience it offers. A real competition pistol with new generation lightweight polymer frame, SAR 9 SPORT gives confidence with its high magazine capacity. Besides impressive Cerakote© coating feature, SAR 9 SPORT offers a yield above standards with cooling channels that increase performance. Developed for competition shooters, SAR 9 SPORT offers high performance with its long barrel, steel cartridge system used in its inner parts and trigger assembly designed for more accurate shots

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