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Technical Specifications
Caliber 9x19 mm
Trigger System Double action
Capacity 15 / 17
Barrel Length 116 mm. (4.5")
Total Length 204 mm. (8.0")
Total Height 140 mm. (5.5")
Total Width 35 mm. (1.3")
Weight 1000 gr. (35.2 oz)
KILINÇ 2000 MEGA İnoksSteel Framed Pistols
KILINÇ 2000 MEGA İnoks

Being the staff weapon of Turkish police force, Kılınç 2000 Mega has a significant place among Sarsılmaz’s steel framed pistols. With its special mother of pearl inlaid grip cover option, Kılınç 2000 Mega is indispensable for both professionals and weapon enthusiasts.

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