• Since 2011, the production activities continue in our brand-new facility, which is one of the world’s largest manufacturing plants of firearms, encompassing 118,000 square feet of indoor space, and extends to over 164,000 square feet outdoors. The state-of-the-art CNC machinery incorporates high-end software for production to eliminate any human error. New advanced state-of-the-art equipment is being added continually.
  • Performed by multi-axis machinery, the production process can simultaneously be finished within one single process to ensure flawless production.
  • Robotic arms are used to attain a maximum speed for material transfers between machines.  This enables multi-axis machines the simultaneous processing of more than one part at a time increasing production quantity and capability.
  • Sarsilmaz has two cold-forging machines that have the capability to produce light arms barrels of any diameter up to 3.28 feet in length.
  • The innovative barrel production method, button rifling, was developed and perfected in 2016.
  • The SARSILMAZ R&D Center was formed by experienced and creative engineers and technicians. It is here where markets are analyzed, 3-D creation and design begin, simulation, prototype production, testing and preparations for manufacturing are constantly being examined and fine-tuned.
  • Sarsilmaz has several national and international design and utility patents.
  • Sarsilmaz has become a brand that represents the highest quality products in the small arms industry. The following international certifications are further proof of the Sarsilmaz quality control:
    • AS9100C:2009 quality management standard for the aviation, space, and defense industries
    • ISO 9001:2000 (Niszert)
    • MoD (Ministry of Defense) Production Permit
    • MoD Installation Security
    • MoD Production Line Qualification Certificate
    • TSE Turkish Standards Institution Customer Service Qualification Certificate


  Testing rifles K2 45